Lets talk about it

Lets talk about emotional abuse, or psychological abuse. This type of abuse is shown in 48.4% women, and 48.8% of men (What is psychological abuse n.d.). This form of abuse can be seen in many types of relationships, including: friendships, intimate relationships, family relations. It is a hard type of abuse to identify due to all the abuse being internalized. There is no physical sign of this abuse, it is all (pardon the phrase) “in your head,”.

Psychological abuse can be humiliating a person, being passive aggressive, attempting to control what the victim can and cannot do, making the other person lose self-confidence, attempting to make the victim feel that they are crazy, and in extreme cases stalking.

I have experienced this. I know what this feels like. It was not until I started to go to therapy (surrounded by the Psychology of Cognitive Behavior Therapy) where I learned that I did have the power to escape. I was worth something. My words are helping others, they are helping lift other people up.

You see us people with trauma tend to like to hide, but hiding does not resolve anything. Not talking does not help the victim see their own self-worth. So, I decided a year ago not to hide. I was going to tell my truth (or dharma). I started to evolve, I started to question, I would not fall in line. This made my abuser crazy.

I have shown you the texts that were sent to me from my abuser, and their enabler. They are vicious attempts at trying to get me to back down, and shut up. FALL IN LINE! My answer? No. I will not fall in line with abuse. I am worth more, and so are you.

After reflection and meditation on this issue I realized something, the abuser was losing the control they thought they had. They tried to control items that they had no control over, and tried to continue the abuse. I say no.

They wanted me to stop writing, to stop talking about my trauma. My answer? No.

This is not me being stubborn, this is me knowing that this online journaling is cathartic to me and so many others. They know they are not alone.

So, why is so important to talk about psychological abuse? Emotion abuse “increases the trauma of physical and sexual abuse, and a number of studies have demonstrated that psychological abuse independently causes long-term damage to a victim’s mental health” (What is psychological abuse n.d.). This increases the odds of a person developing stress related mental illnesses such as post -traumatic stress disorder, stressor disorder, difficulty in trusting other people, depression, suicidal ideation, or even suicide because they do not feel they are good enough.


What is psychological abuse n.d. National Coalition Against Domestic Abuse Retrieved from: https://ncadv.org/files/Domestic%20Violence%20and%20Psychological%20Abuse%20NCADV.pd

Huge shout out to my counselor at Inspiring Enterprises LLC.

Light up the Darkness,



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