Sometimes, I have a hard time wrapping my mind around stuff. I really do, like math. Why not just say all of these elements are the same instead of putting it into a roster and subset form. I have a difficult time wrapping my head around it.

I will never understand the motivations of a person that feels the need to control everything in life. I was asked recently if I wanted to control my children; the answer flowed out of me so naturally it was not even a thought: no. I do not want to control my children. I want to assist them into adulthood where they love all.

I was astounded by the amount of compassion that can be seen in children. They have not yet been jaded by life like so many people. You can find honest answers in two types of people: 1. Children 2. Very drunk people. They will tell you everything that you do not want to hear, but maybe lessons that you need to hear.

I am constantly reminded of this, the no want to control my children. I do not know where it stemmed from. I know that I was controlled as a child and adolescent, I know that I even allowed that in my adult life. Not anymore, but I did.

Why on the Mother’s green (smog covered in some places) would some people want to control another human being? It just does not make sense to me. I know that there are households that live by controlling their children and partners.


Why not instead give choices? It can be as simple as “It can be a movie night, or we can play 3 board games and read 3 books”. It is more interactive, you are given the person the chance to make a choice. Choice shows a power exchange, that you are on the same level. That you are understanding of what they need, and that you are willing to compromise your needs with theirs.

Thank you as always to my amazing counselor Jenn Bovee at Inspiring Enterprises LLC.

Light up the Darkness,



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