My Random Thursdays and Personal Fridays always seem to be a ramble. A clutter of internal noise that only I can hear in my brain. No, not literally hearing voices here…yet. However, I wanted to talk about something that I believe is so pertinent to living a healthy and happy life.


You know that old saying “an eye for an eye,”? Well, lets be honest here. This is a text that was pulled from the bible (Exodus 21:24, and Matthew 5:38). The bible was composed starting around 3,500 years ago, and yet it is still in concept today that it is the living world of the Christ. It had around 40 authors, and took 1,500 years to complete. This book of fables was written nearly a century after the Christ’s death. So, why do we as humans still look at the text “an eye for an eye” to still be something literal? It is true that the some of the stories that were written promote love and peace; yet, on the other hand it is extremely violent.

This brings me to my point on of this post. I belong to a petition group called; they compile petitions to sign your name to hopefully bring the attention of the politicians back to the people. After the latest proclaimed triumph over the Affordable Care Act being intact, I received an email from about a petition that stunned me. It stated to take away the health care rights of our congress men and women. My jaw about hit the floor.

Tell me, how does “hitting them where it hurts” make anyone feel better about who they are as a person? I do not understand that concept. I am grateful that the ACA is still in place due to my own pre-existing condition, and my son’s conditions. But I do not understand how people feel as though retaliation against a Republican family is morally okay.


You see, now you’re looking at an emotional response: They want to take our healthcare away so lets take theirs away. No, that is not compassion; that is retribution.

Do not seek retribution for the harm and hurt that others have caused you. Revenge is never ending, it is played on a loop of retribution. This is not inner peace, this is what I fear most about the divides in our country right now. I have seen the hate crimes rise against our Jewish, Muslim, and Minority brothers and sisters in the past six months and am appalled. It is almost like the bigoted have been waiting for the change to do this. Oh, and minority is not even the correct word. All ethnicities are growing in this country; globalization is happening right now in front of us, and it is rich in culture.


Instead of seeking retribution, forgive the person that has wronged you. In forgiving you are giving yourself inner peace. It reminds me of another fable from the bible “Father forgive them, they know not what they do,”.

Thank you as always to my counselor Jenn Bovee at Inspiring Enterprises LLC.

Light up the Darkness,



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