The Shame of Saying No

My life coach is amazing. There is no shame in saying no. Nor do you need an excuse for saying no.


This blog has been created and called for by countless women that I coach, counsel, and chat with each and every day. I’ve been acutely aware of growing and deadly trend of the Shame of saying No. The reality is that this issue is magnified every day with the advent of social media.

Many women are programmed that the “right” thing for them to do is to be all things to all people, which equates into never ever saying No!  In addition to this core programming of many women, of putting themselves on the bottom of the priority list, Shame exacerbates this issue. Shame is that intensely painful feeling or experience of being flawed and therefore unworthy of a connection.

I mentioned earlier that this issue has been growing since the explosion of Social Media, and I would like to explain why this is. If we go back 30 or…

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