World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day June 1st 2017

Always spread awareness. In a world so succumbed by the idea that abuse can only be physical, it is important to shed light on the not so visible abuse that happens.

Pascale's Healing Journey


World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day (WNAAD) will take place on June 1st 2017. Here is some of the information from their website Please share with as many people as possible. Prevention is always better than cure!

Many of the people who suffer from narcissistic abuse (a form of psychological and emotional abuse) aren’t even aware that what they are experiencing is a legitimate form of abuse, and when they become aware they are being abused, they have a difficult time describing it because it’s so hard to put the finger on.

We came up with the hashtag, #IfMyWoundsWereVisible, because unlike physical abuse where a single strike or blow, often leaves marks or bruises and qualifies an act of domestic violence, narcissistic abuse is invisible. Narcissistic abuse is the sum of many unseen injuries. It’s an indiscernible assault on the spirit, identity, and the psyche of the victim. The impact is…

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