I had an epiphany earlier. By changing my blog postings, and not posting them to a group I was committed to, I was allowing my emotional abuser win. I will not be doing that. They may read posts, they may become angry, they may agree, they may worry. BUT that is not my problem; it is their problem.

It came time to send an email to biological mother:

My Email

It came time for her to respond:


From what I have read in a non-emotional state, there is very little to the email. I did notice how she tried to blame someone else for deciding for her, but that is on her. I made the decision to say okay, I’ll let the MRI techs know.

Does this hurt? Surprisingly, yes. It is not only their rejection of me, but my rejection of them that hurts. I have seen so many functional families, and I wish we could have been them. It is just not the case, and I am okay with that. I must be okay with that.

I will be sharing the posts that I had done in my other name as it no longer matters where, when, or what I post.

Thank you as always to Jenn Bovee

Light up the Darkness,