Say “no” and look the other way

There is something that I fear more than anything, a person who not only lies but believes their own lies. It would prove to me that they have not thought through their life a lot, which can make them dangerous people. Probably not murderer dangerous, but a dangerous person whom would have no issue throwing you off a trolley while it was moving. It is a horrifying thought that some people may feel the need to step on top of you in order to elevate themselves.

know it all

Quite a difference is made when we speak of people who help to elevate others, but that is a double-edged sword. One must be self-empowered to empower another being, and be in tuned with themselves at the same time. It can be a perplexing task to make sure that a person is filling their own cup before they attempt to fill another’s cup.



I fear anyone that says that they know everything about anything, because life is a feeling process. Not one person has indulged in every aspect of this world that is possible. For example, I have never bungee jumped and would never give advice to a person that is about to jump to, what I would believe, their death.

adrenaline junkie

These people are amazing though, the adrenaline junkies. It has been proven repeatedly that if these people channel their passion into their own life, they can help by being a police officer or another high-risk job. That is not that all police officers are adrenaline addicts, but more that they are willing to put their lives down in service…at least some of them. Some of our police officers like the power, and are true narcissists.


Narcissists should be avoided at every point you encounter them. I have noticed that narcissists do not like me (my heart is crushed), because I call them out on their own bullshit. Narcissists do not like it when a person is able to see through their facade, and point out their flawed perspective. Yet, if you talk about an empowered person about their faults they will search themselves to make changes to their behavior.

That is the knowledge I want to leave you with: be empowered and narcissists will avoid you at all costs. That will bring you peace, and less drama to your life. At the same time, we must forgive another’s trespasses. Not because it brings them peace, but it brings us peace. I have forgiven my birth parents, my ex-husband, and others that have crossed me. It was not because they deserved it, or that I was trying to give them peace; it was because it needed to happen so I would stop ruminating over negativity.


Negativity will consume you, stay away from it at any point in your life where it is presented. Negativity only feeds negative emotions, and people with mental illnesses already have a plethora of negative thoughts. You deserve better than any of that negative behavior. You can point it out, and if they ignore you they are not worth your precious time. Life is finite, make this one a good one.


Thank you as always to Jenn Bovee.

Light up the Darkness,