Stop the hate

Sometimes I can be loud, but I must allow myself to be loud; while other times I am as quiet as a mouse. I must emphasize that it is not that I am not paying attention, or that I lack interest; I am simply observing a case study in front of me. What makes people tick? Why do they say the things they do? Why all the hate when it takes less energy to accept and love?

I recently had to block and defriend someone, I have clearly written boundaries on any social media and I had let this person slide way too many times. Why had I let it slide? I do not know. Maybe a sense of duty to the children, and that the children previously had come to me so many times with complaints about the household. I do not know, possibly that was it. Maybe I was being too lenient with the individual because I love beyond fault.

It was not until today that I finally hit that dreaded unfriend button. They had screenshotted a conversation they had with a young Asian woman, and used a derogatory word about those from the Middle East. That this person despised Muslims; well, have fun not ever getting an IPhone because Steve Jobs’ father was a Muslim immigrant from Syria. Oh, they must not have meant that…Syrian Muslims are okay, it must be all the other Muslims. While you’re at it: coffee, clocks, cameras, lifesaving medical instruments, algebra, your toothbrush, glasses, and hospitals. Do not believe? Please, do your research and discover the beautiful innovations that our Muslim brothers and sisters have made.

Call me a pansy assed Liberal, but I do not need a safe place to write or speak about this. I am not crying, or hiding in my mother’s basement. I fight everyday with the demons of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, work, make the Presidential List for my straight A’s, run a blog, a Facebook group, I am a wife, and a mother to two beautifully compassionate children. I do not utilize government assistance, but I do pay into the system to ensure that people (like this person) has food to eat and a doctor because they are unable to work.

I must remind everyone of your “digital footprint”: everything you post can (and sometimes will) come back to bite you in your ass.

Thank you as always to Jenn Bovee for helping me find my voice.

Light up the Darkness,


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