Bye Felicia

Many people have the notion of a mother to be a nurturing creature that would do anything to watch her spawn grow creatively and lovingly; unfortunately, that is not the case in my situation.

As it turns out, since I have gone no/limited contact with my biological parent, my biological mother believes it is okay to twist my words around and make me into the bad guy. Okay, not new news, no bulletin board, no fireworks, no streamers.

What I will NOT stand for is the new rumor she has started in my family. I have never accused my biological father of raping me. Never happened, never would happen. How batshit crazy do you have to be to make this shit up. She knows that I am going through health issues right now, and then I get to find out that she is accusing my own father of raping me.

No, woman. That is your mind talking to you. The thing is that I know you (biological mother) read these, and I know that you take every word that I type and make it about yourself when in actuality it has little to do with you.

You wanna know what the psychiatrist said to me the other day? After reviewing all the notes from my hospital stays, and psychologist notes (my psychologist from when I was a child is in the same building as my psychiatrist), I asked my psych “Why am I so fucked up?”. Her answer: “Thank your parents!”.

Your life of spreading rumors about me is fine, but do not put words in my mouth about my rape. You have no idea how it felt, how violated I felt, and how betrayed I felt when I found out you thought I was lying.

So, BYE FELICIA! Have a wonderful time being you!

Light up the Darkness,