You need some yoga in your life

Okay, you’re awake and breathing. That is always a good start to a day; at least in my opinion. I am filled with motivation to make your day better. I have been filling my own cup as of late, and feel wonderful by doing it. I even presented an open conversation on online safety that was received well, and I am glad to have the support of both men and women. I believe that people think that only women are at risk, but so are men.

I was reading in Yoga Journal and came across an interesting article called United Yoga, and it depicted that many people are yoga teachers and students. We come in all shapes, sizes, colors, sexuality, and religion; that is what this piece was about. I cannot help but fall in love with Dan Nevins who was in the military until he lost both of legs in the Iraq war (Nevins, 2017). Before his injury his friend kept stating “You need yoga in your life,”. He was a big bad macho machine gun holding man! He simply said he would subscribe to being a meditation student of his friend. He found it easier to sleep with meditation (Nidra meditation and yoga are my favorites), and no longer had to drug himself to sleep. After the loss of his limbs, is friend continued to press about him needing yoga in his life. He made a commitment to her for a few classes, but his prostatic legs were not working. He did the impossible, letting go of his ego to remove his legs and he felt a jolt of energy. He finally knew what yoga was, a connection to the earth with your mind and breath. I will not ruin the rest of the article, but he saved a life through yoga.

Try and meditate, because you need yoga in your life

Thanks as always to Jenn Bovee.

Light up the Darkness,



Nevins, D. (2017) United Yoga. Yoga Journal. 292, 44-45