I Aspire to Live as You Two Did


I wonder what they were thinking while they were together on this plain, my Grampy and Grammy. Life always seems to be infinite while we are living it; yet, when you pull back to look around yourself life is so fragile.

My grandparents were in love, and trust me when I say that it was a love that would confound many of those that encountered them. They fell in love, and never let go. I remember my Grampy passing away in 2003 but trauma blocks out a lot of memorable actions as protection. I know he died with a picture of his family together, and that he labored through breathing to even get to the finale of his life. I also know that it must have been scary, but hell he had so many people that surrounded him for his last breath; including his beloved wife.

What did they think about on those dates of row boat trips? I think it’s quite obvious from the look in my Grandfather’s eyes in the top left corner, and the counter look of my Grandmother. As it turns out they had four children, multiple grandchildren, and even more great-grandchildren.

I remember the smell of my Grandparent’s fragrant backyard, fragranced with peonies. Oh, that smell was so delicious I bought a bush of it for my own home before Grandma started to decline. I remember running with my cousins around the house, and always tripping over the same gutter. I remember the Christmas Eve nights we would spend tere eating Avanti’s and then heading to midnight church. I remember the smell of the house she lived in. It was not a gross smell, or a clean smell; it was just the smell of Grandpa and Grandma’s house. I remember the meatballs that were always served, and watching old Christmas movies on a VHS.

I remember talking and talking at great length while Grandma sat there listening. I remember Grandpa doing his best Big Al impression whenever we came through the door: “HEY, HEY, HEY”. I remember Grampy letting us put makeup on him and doing his hair. I remember going through Grammy’s jewelry box and always seeing the above pictures tucked inside with all of her costume jewelry.

I remember Grammy never moving on from Grampy, and being buried with his wedding ring on her chest. What a love that must have been, and I am thankful to have the same love in my marriage as they did in theirs. A love so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes when my aunt placed the above pictures into my hand.

I am not sure what happens to us after death, and I would not presume to know that. However, I envision them rowing in a boat at the park, necking with their friends giggling and taking pictures, planning what they will do next…the thoughts are infinite.

To be a fly on that wall, just to see them go about their daily life and love.

I remember them, and thus they cannot die.

Thanks as always to Jenn Bovee for always being there for me, and catching me when I fall.

Light up the Darkness,